Unnanounced project for Coffee Stain North that I am currently working on as a technical designer. More information will be provided when possible.

Heading Home is a platformer where you play as the head of an otherwise broken robot, crashed on a foreign planet.To find your way home, you’ll have to use some gadgets left behind to traverse the environment.

The player uses these gadgets by launching them onto any surface, upon landing they stick to the surface and activate, allowing them to utilize the environment in different ways.

  • Production Time: 5 weeks
  • Engine: Unreal Engine 4
  • Team Size: 3 Designers, 6 artists

CoDependence day is a two player couch co-op survival game where you have to survive everyday life as two roommates. This includes handling your personal needs while making enough money to pay the rent.

  • Production Time: 7 weeks
  • Engine: Unity 2018
  • Team Size: 3 designers, 6 artists